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5 Reasons to Add Entrance Mats to Entryways

As the owner or manager of your business, you have a lot on your plate every day. Thinking about floor mats for your entryways probably isn’t high on your list of priorities, but we believe it should be. Here are five reasons why entrance mats just make good business sense:

  1. Messaging exposure. When you use custom floor mats for your business entryways, your logo or message is in front of every person who comes through your doors, every day. And, people notice what’s on floor mats – studies have shown that 64% of retail shoppers stop and notice what’s on the floor mats beneath their feet. When it’s your message there, that can have a big impact.
  2. Increase sales. That added exposure is doing more than just helping you get greater name recognition – it can lead to some pretty exciting results for your business’ sales, and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing or advertising efforts. The average cost per impression for promotional floor mats is 1/10 of one cent. For business selling retail products, using custom floor mats leads to an average increase in sales of 13%!
  3. Cheaper than renting. Some business owners assume that renting generic floor mats is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing their own. In reality, a business that purchased five floor mats would spend an average of $620 less than a similar business choosing to rent five floor mats. 
  4. Clean floors. When you choose custom entry mats  you’re helping keep your business clean and pleasant, helping to give everyone who enters a positive impression. Placing your custom mats at each entryway for your business will help keep your floors and carpets free of dirt, debris and water. Not only will this help your business stay cleaner, it also results in real, measurable financial savings. The average cost to remove one pound of dirt from a retail or commercial building is an astonishing $750! 
  5. Increase safety. OK, safety isn’t the most exciting reason to consider choosing entrance mats, but it’s important nevertheless. Our custom mats reduce the risk that a customer or employee will be injured because they slipped and fell on your floor. The risk reduction and savings implications are huge. Every year, slip and fall accidents send a whopping one million people to hospitals, and 85% of workers compensation claims stem from slip and fall injuries. You can reduce your liability by purchasing custom entry mats from I-Design Graphic Services.

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Advertising Services  

(Ask about direct-mail, TV Commercial Production, Jingles and Radio Commercials, Print Advertising Ad Layout and Design, Plus insertions in Print Media - we work with area TV/Radio Production Professionals to develop your ad.

Radio Commercial Examples:

Radio Commercial for the
Classic Bean Espresso Café & Deli

Radio Commercial for
Manning Music

Radio Commercial for Special Event
Manning Music

YouTube Video

Promotional Products
Ask me how to get these earbuds and other promotional items to promote you business.

Printing Services

From your basic printing needs for business cards, envelopes, tickets, brochures, business forms and postcards, to larger projects like catalogs, calendars, and direct mail campaigns we can help you each step of the way. 

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Commissioned fine artist Irene Haws will produce a pen and ink rendering or watercolor portrait of your home, vacation home, school, church or office building and 50 blank inside notecards featuring the commissioned work on the outside front, with blank envelopes to use for thank you notes announcements, or invitations.

Portraits of Homes makes a perfect gift for new home owners or for parents leaving their family home or farm for a retirement lifestyle.  
See Examples

$300.00 for a single color pen and ink rendering and 50 note cards and envelopes.
$750.00 for a water color original painting and 50 note cards and envelopes.

Gift Certificates available to give this service as a gift to family, friends, associates and neighbors or anyone you think would enjoy this gift.  Portraits of children and pets are also available.

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